Automotive Final Project Research (continued..)

•August 14, 2008 • 3 Comments

sorry i couldn’t post earlier but now im back. So i didnt have a good idea what i wanted to do for my final project. I chose automobiles because it’s something that i enjoy doing and believe it or not researching. So i thought to myself what exactly i was going to do, and i figured i’d do internet automotive sales. I researched five similar sites that did automobile sales and i gave my opinion on their sites, so here it is:

The first site i visited was I had never heard of this site before so off the bat i knew not to expect too much, and as i expected, the site was ok. Nothing really popped out to me as appealing, except the dark orange navigation which was iffy on the appealing factor. yet the search criteria really gave you nothing specific on searching for cars. All you could choose was the make model and year. No options for transmission, color preference and so forth. I searched for a few cars and only a few popped out on each search. All in all, was ok in my opinion, nothing stood out from this site and i would not search for a car here, i doubt i’d find anything anyways.

My next victim is the somewhat popular craigslist. Although technically not an auto sales site, it does have an certain section for automobile sales. So i went ahead and used craigslist and besides the make and model, you have no control of what comes up. The site is not organized to any standards, its also written in a blend of ALL CAPS, no caps, Or EvErY oThEr word in CAPS haha i think the site is horribly organized and has no color besides white and black which is very unappealing but i could find a good variety of cars, so i give the site 1.5 out of 5 stars, but i still wouldn’t use the site at all.

Next up was which showed some promise from the get-go. The layout had a nice white and green color scheme which was consistent on every page. but once again, not much of a search criteria and very little cars came up on my search. I even search for a Ford Mustang in near my area and only ONE came up? The mustang is the most popular car ever how did only one come up? Either way, the site also lacked other features that are essential but is a bit of an improvement when it came to design compared to the previous two.

Finally i came to a recognized auto sales site, It was actually quite nice to see something that had a better design and a consistent layout with a search engine and criteria that had you narrow down to what you were looking for, whether it be a sunroof, leather seats, or a cup holder that keeps your drinks hot or cold! When i looked for a car i could actually find research about it, giving me specs such as engine, suspension, interior and exterior, things of that nature. The listings were numerous, i could find many cars and organize the list by distance, price (low or high), and years of models. The site was a few steps up on the competition. I give a 3.5 out 5 stars.

And for the last site i visited my personal favorite The homepage isn’t very spectacular but gets the job done. It has a research your car section as well, while you can search for a car or even a certified car. while this is great, you can narrow down your search by almost every aspect you can think of, coupe, convertible, manual, engine size, etc… This site gives you everything you can think of to find the perfect car for you. Even the fonts and text sizes are perfectly semantic and flowing at a nice pace. Everything you can think of is right with and is why i am basing my final project on this site. I give it a 4.5 out of 5¬†

Well there ya have it folks. My researching 5 sites and posting it and the goods and bads of each


automotive final project research

•August 13, 2008 • 1 Comment

I chose my final project to be over something i would really enjoy doing and spend hours working on it, so that narrowed it down to pretty much one thing… cars. But what would it be exactly? through a little thinking using my noggin, i narrowed it down to internet automobile sales. Sometimes i spend time nagging about what could be better for the site and some horrible design features should be taken away, this and that. so this being my chance, i have searched through 5 similar websites and given my opinion on what i like and dislike, so hear it out!!